U.S. CAT Adjusters
Do you have what it takes to be a U.S. Cat Adjuster?

If you find a flexible schedule, the chance to travel, the opportunity to be your own boss and the prospect of earning an above average income appealing, you're the ideal candidate for an insurance adjuster position with U.S. Cat Adjusters.
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There When the Storm Hits

Catastrophe Claims

No Damage Beyond Our Control

No catastrophe is too large, no task too small and no situation is too complex for our seasoned staff.

Our management team has participated in most of the major catastrophic events in the U.S. and its territories since 1988, including hurricanes, earthquakes, terrorism, floods and tornadoes.

When deploying for a catastrophic event, we utilize our core team to launch initial operations. Our disaster team promptly and efficiently expands operations to meet the demands of the situation by sending out a selection of qualified adjusters from our on-call network within 24 hours. If additional help is needed, we augment our response within 72 hours. With one phone call, an adjuster can be working on-site within hours, not days.

Our ability to quickly respond to a catastrophic event is made possible through the use of mobile offices, wireless internet service and portable power plants sufficient to sustain a core group at a disaster site while full operations are being staged. We also provide a staging point for the initial adjuster orientation and training.

But our services don't end there. As an independent adjusting company, we pride ourselves in our ability to respond rapidly to catastrophic disasters while simultaneously maintaining a top-notch daily claim operation. We achieve this by maintaining dual operations, thereby sustaining the same high quality and timeliness of daily claims during peak periods following a disaster.

With offices in Louisiana, Texas and Florida, and an on-call skilled staff ready to mobilize immediately, we're capable of meeting the needs of any client anytime, anywhere.